Well hey, hey there! Thanks for swinging by. Wanna know a bit about me? Ready. Set. Go!

Some of my Favorites

I absolutely love walking in the sunshine, rolling in the grass, swimming in the sea, going to Saturday farmer market or a local mercado depending where in the world I am. Watching that local star of ours come up and go down and feeling a part of something so grand it has me at a loss of words. Yoga-ing it up everyday, headstands are my fave. My family, animals I have the pleasure to get to know, smell of wet dog (I know it is totally strange but oh so good), cooking healthy veg-tastic food. My love, best friend and travel companion Tony. Smoothies, especially green smoothies, hiking and planning future travels.

Vegan in Brief

Now for the food! The glorious food! I am so proud of my journey as a healthy vegan cooking, yoga loving, traveling chica! My recipe section is full of tasty treats from my cooking school Forks N’ Spoons, my book  The Essential Vegan – A No Nonsense Guide to a Vegan Lifestyle for Better Health and a Happier Life. and new creations. I develop recipes that are vegan meaning they are made entirely of plants. No animals or animal by-products are made in the process of these creations.

I became vegan for a reason larger than myself and my vanity for anything meat related….animals! Ever since I was a little kid and even into adulthood I have loved all animals and could never imagine doing any harm to them. This is the reason that keeps me staying vegan. I also get to feel rockin’ everyday from this plant eating way!

I grew up as a 90’s kid…born in 85’ to the most wonderful and loving parents a kid could ask for. Born and raised in Texas I spent my days playing with the neighborhood kids in the creek and hiking around.

Growing up in Texas I had the opportunity to be around horses and fell in LOVE with riding and eventually came to own and compete my horses at the international level.

But what you’re really here for is the part about the travel, the yoga and the food, right?!

My Yoga Path

I began my yoga practice in 2005 at a local gym…well at the time I didn’t know it was called a practice, I thought it was another form of working out. Although when I began I did not know a single thing about the roots of yoga, something kept bringing me back. Could it have been the prana I felt flowing through me, the power I felt in the warrior postures, or maybe it was the savasana. No matter what the reason it lead me to complete my Yoga Alliance 200HR teacher training program at a Yoga Center in Colorado Springs, CO. I can not recommend the program enough!!

Oh the Travel

Shortly after earning my certification, I went off globe trotting with T, we went to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, numerous parts of the United States, and Mexico.

It has been a year since leaving the United States traveling and feel so grateful to have the opportunity to live in such a liberating way. Pushing aside doubt and fear, we pursued our journey traveling this world in a budget friendly way. Learn more about my travel adventures in the Travels section of the site.

Prior to picking up these cooking and yoga skillz I was an ecommerce manager for hotel websites.

Thank you again for stopping by my little world here on the big interweb. Please enjoy browsing the different topics and feel free to leave comments or share anything with your friends!

I hope this website can bring a down to earth perspective on things yoga, health, travel and reality.

This right here is my full time thing, having fun and sharing creative dishes in the kitchen, yoga tips, tricks and advice, realities of traveling and life as a whole.

Now for the Official Bio

Christie is an all around health enthusiast, she earned her certification in 2011 as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In 2013, a vegan cooking school in Colorado Springs, CO where she taught hands-on cooking classes with plant ingredients only. In 2013 she also published her first book, which guides people through a smooth transition into a vegan lifestyle. In 2014 she graduated from the Yoga Alliance 200HR yoga teacher training program held at a Yoga Center in Colorado Springs, CO. During her travels, she teaches yoga at an individual level to people all over the world.