Enjoy a variety of all things vegan, ranging from mouth watering recipes to discussions on becoming a vegan, animal sanctuaries, and tips for a successful vegan lifestyle.

I became chose to become vegan in 2011 after my visit to Spiral Diner in Dallas, TX and reading about factory farming and how the most simple choice as to what we put in our mouths can have a huge impact on animals, humans, the environment and personal health. You can read more about my becoming vegan here.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle for myself increased my quality of life in ways I did not expect. I chose to become vegan for animal welfare however I also enjoyed a dramatic change in my body. I noticed I had increased energy, energy that lasted all day. No more 2p.m. slump for this girl! I also noticed clearer skin, I routinely experienced breakouts, which rarely occur now. One of the most amazing changes I  noticed was that because I now eat a whole foods plant diet, that I can not even remember the last time I got sick. If I do get sick, the duration of the illness is significantly less, like 20 days to 3 days.

Growing up in Texas, the land is scattered with cattle farms. The pollution from these farms are outrageous. The methane and CO2 release from the cow’s feces is in the air we breath. The runoff from the farms is leaked and runs into the water supply. The people who live by these farms are forced to be surrounded by these toxic smells and poor quality drinking water.

I digress. It is just that once you learn something, you can’t unlearn it. Knowledge is power my friends and to use it to increase health and happiness for ALL beings.

You will find a variety of recipes from comforting bowls of coconut peach oatmeal, refreshing green smoothies, nourishing soups and filling creative dishes making vegetables the star of the show! Learn how to avoid pitfalls in your journey of health. Even if you are not vegan, that’s totally cool! :) All readers are welcome for some food for thought or food for the belly.