Yoga Moves

Keeping yoga down to earth and real is the name of the game! Enjoy a wide variety of topics from yoga postures, funny stories and experiences, to hot issues like yoga pants and is yoga a religion.

My Credentials

In November 2014, I earned my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification. What that basically means is that I attended Pranava Yoga Center’s teacher training program, they are certified through Yoga Alliance to teach their training program. The program length is 200 hours long, YA is one of the top certification schools in my opinion. They focus on a wide variety of aspects of the practice including, asana (physical postures), history, different yogic disciplines, how to conduct a class and most importantly how to give proper physical adjustments to students. It is night and day between the amount of knowledge I now have from this program, I now understand that there is much more to a class than just going through the postures.

My Teaching Approach

I like to think I have a light, fun attitude and typically quite physical when teaching class but also a very adaptable teaching style depending who is in my class ranging from beginners to the most experienced yogis. My primary experience teaching is Vinyasa, which stems from the Ashtanga discipline. It’s focus is connecting each breath with the movement. I also had the pleasure of studying other forms of practice including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin, Kundalini and Prana. My classes also have a yogic topic, for example discussing a yoga sutra like in my 8 Limb Path Series.

In the future I hope to add videos going through a flow and breaking down postures to ensure students have the proper alignment and foundation to build upon.

I hope that you find these articles interesting, thought provoking and entertaining. As always, any comments questions concerns or compliments are always welcome!